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    24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    Continuously available to help you find a vet in your town.

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  • Assistance

    24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    We always find a vet available close to your area.

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At any time, day or night

Our staff answer your calls both day and night. Consequently we can let you know the details of an available vet at any time.

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Your town

We can also find a vet available or on-call in your town, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff are constantly available for you.

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On-call service

Every day our staff update all the data concerning the on-call services and vets in your region. At your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Who are we ?

A call centre team continuously at your service...

Our call centre company answers calls for any type of business.

... Not vets

Our staff are operators who, in addition to managing this line for on-call services for vets, look after calls for other on-call services. Consequently our company does NOT come under the responsibility of the Association of Veterinarians.

Our operation in brief

Options menu

After having dialled the marketing number, you access a menu with several options. The options available depend on the time of day or night and the availability of the different services.

At any time of the day or night, including Sundays and Public holidays, our staff can inform you in next to no time of the number of a vet in your region. These vets are on call in their region or indicate being available at that time for emergencies.

And if there is no on-call vet ?

Our dispatching not only has a list of all the vet on-call services in Brussels and Flanders, but also information relating to the availability of vets in your region. We currently have real time access to the details of more than 900 vets.

So, our operators can give you the details of the on-call vet in your region or of a vet available at that time, and this, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

My/the vet isn’t answering...

Some vets don’t have the luxury of a call centre service or a secretary who answers calls for them. They are often vets who are starting the profession, who are nevertheless highly motivated and competent, or who have chosen to deal directly with their clients.

Therefore, it may be that the on-call or available vet cannot answer the call immediately simply because he is busy with another animal. In this case, wait a few minutes before calling again.

Zero favouritism

If there is no vet on-call service or on-call vet in your region, our staff will always give you several numbers of vets who have indicated they can be reached at that time. So you will be able to decide which vet to contact. Our dispatching is not responsible for the quality of care provided. If however you are not satisfied with the vet that you have consulted, we would like to know about it. We can also help you to submit a complaint, which we will take into account by informing other customers of the vet’s details.

How do we work ?

A daily search

Every day our staff updates the data concerning the on-call services and vets in your region. To achieve this, we contact various vets every day, but we also have our own interactive database, by which the vets can notify us if they can be reached or not. In addition, we go through various media with a fine-tooth comb to collect data on each vet day after day.

Why a paid service ?

No other contribution


Every day our operators search for data on the on-call service for vets or the on-call vet in your region As this information is sometimes difficult to find, this search work takes up quite a bit of time each day.

Our call-centre service is not paid by the vets for managing this line nor does it receive any subsidy.

A rate per second !

A fast response


Our staff do everything they can to answer your calls as quickly as possible. It is by adapting our staff to the traffic on our lines that we managed to answer almost instantaneously.

Information for vets

A word of explanation...


You are a vet and want further information concerning our operation and the options on offer to you ? Click here !


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