Terms and conditions relating to privacy

Your privacy, our number  one priority

Protecting your privacy is our number  one priority. This is why we have defined these terms and conditions. By visiting this website, referring to it by a link to it or by ringing the telephone number mentioned on this site, you agree to these terms and conditions and you must therefore comply with them. The same applies when you contact our service on the number given on this Web site.

What data do we store ?

When you simply consult our website, we only keep the history of these visits by means of cookies. When you phone us, we systematically keep the information about the call in a detailed call history (HDA). You should also remember that we record a good many conversations. So you can therefore assume that yours will be recorded as well. The content of these conversations, which we are unable to know in advance, essentially depends on you. So keep in mind that your comments may be stored in a database or in the form of audio recordings.


We consider it important to inform you that this website uses cookies.
When you visit it, a small file is placed on your computer. You can disable these via the settings of the browser that you use to consult the site, and even delete the cookie from your hard drive.
Only, without a cookie, a website is like a goldfish which would lose its memory with each page opened. As soon as you consult a new page, the site forgets who you are.
Which may be a good or bad thing. Without a memory, in effect, a website can no longer carry out a whole series of actions : it will not let you log in, as it ignores who you are ; it will not let you buy anything, as it forgets your purchases ; but above all, it can no longer track you either. Our website uses cookies in order to remember what you do there. We share this information with Google so that the advertisements match your interests, but also because we obtain detailed analyses of your visit to our site in exchange for this information. So we know how you got to us, via which website, what pages you have consulted on our site and for how long, and therefore how you navigate the site.
In addition, your IP address enables us to determine your assumed location. By analysing these parameters, we could form an idea of your identity, but we do not do this. What we do want to know, is how you got to our site and the pages that interest you the most, in order to offer tailored advertisements and services. The statistics are saved permanently without being associated with a specific person. When you delete this cookie on the hard drive of your computer, the website puts in a new one and therefore thinks that you are visiting it for the first time. In other words, we identify the cookie, but not you.
We do not keep the cookie ourselves : it is among the temporary Internet files on your computer. Deleting cookies is an operation that you have to do yourself. You can also just prohibit the use of cookies in your browser. We never delete the data that we collect by using cookies.

Detailed call history

When you contact us by telephone, from the moment you dial the number (therefore before it is answered), we keep the number from where you are calling and the moment (date and time) at which you called. We will also record the date and time at which you hang up. This data is therefore kept even if you hang up a fraction of a second after having dialled the number and before it is answered at the other end of the line. This is necessary in case of dispute, to document the attempts to call and the details relating to this. The date and time that your call is answered are also recorded, as well as a code which enables us to know from which internal or external device the conversation has taken place.
To summarise, we keep the following information : the number from where you are calling, the device used for this (by extension, your contact person) and how long the conversation lasted, as well as all the intermediate steps and transfers.
As this data concerns our invoicing and is used as evidence, it is kept for a period of at least 10 years. After this time, we will continue to keep it until you ask us to delete it. We are working on putting the finishing touches to an online solution. As a telephone number is transferable, we cannot identify its holder right away unless he/she agreed to it, for example, if he/she is in the white pages or online directories. Your name is not shown in the detailed call history (HDA) nor is it added to it.

Audio recordings

When you call, in most cases your call is recorded. The decision to record depends on the technical possibilities for this and the number of conversations taking place at the same time. Therefore, bear in mind that the conversation and your comments will be recorded in the form of an audio file, even if this is not necessarily the case.

Additional data

During the conversation, the contact person may collect additional information and keep it. So he may ask you for your town’s postcode, or what pet you have. This data can be linked to that contained in the detailed call history (HDA) (see above), which would then enable us to approach you by both telephone and SMS, on behalf of advertisers. However, your data will in no case be sold or distributed. Hence, it is not unlikely that you receive an SMS from us, informing you that a vet has set up close to where you live. In this case, the vet in question pays us for sending the SMS, without having access to your data.

How do we store the collected data ?

We do not keep the cookies : they are on your hard drive. The data we collect using cookies is stored on highly secured Google servers,
and data from the detailed call history (HDA) on a server hosted in a highly secured data centre, in France. As for the audio recordings, they are stored on servers located in a secret place in Europe. These files are encrypted, and only a few employees can open them and listen to them. In addition, access to the file servers requires the simultaneous connection of at least two managers.
The additional information possibly collected during conversations is stored in a database located in France as well, but in a different place to the server that hosts the database relating to the detailed call history (HDA).

What are you consenting to ?

By contacting our service by telephone, you are authorising us to keep and use the above mentioned data. You are also authorising us to send you advertising messages by telephone and by SMS.

How does someone delete his data ?

We are working on developing an online platform intended to submit this type of request. In the meantime, however, you will have to contact us by dialling the telephone number linked to the data that you want to have deleted.
The data collected using cookies cannot be deleted at your request, since we are unable to know which data belongs to you.

How does someone consult his/her data ?

We are working on developing an online platform intended to submit this type of request. In the meantime, however, you will have to contact us by dialling the telephone number linked to the data that you want to consult.
The data collected using cookies cannot be consulted, since we are unable to know which data belongs to you.

How does someone change his/her data ?

As the data we store is not of a modifiable type, you cannot change it or have it changed.

For how long do we store the collected data ?

The data that we collect using cookies is stored until we decide to delete it. As we do not know which data belongs to you, we cannot remove it.
The audio recordings are kept for 1 year ; the additional data and that taken from the detailed call history (HDA) for at least 10 years, and at the latest when you request it to be deleted (at the end of this time) or when we decide to remove it.

Who stores the collected data ?

The data that we collect is stored by the communication company Telesecretariaat.PRO, registered with the Belgian Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number BE0651.818.323.